Beware of
Incompetent Engineers of Telecommunications and Electronics
Hyderabad, India

Where ignorance, indifference, and incompetence is bliss....

Beware of this community of so-called "telecommunication and electronics engineers", where blissful ignorance breeds shameful incompetence which in turn leads to irritating indifference.
You will find them right here, in Hyderabad, India.
No amount of coaxing or pursuasion will wake them up. Beware !

This community feels no sense of shame or guilt in calling itelf an "institution" and decieving scores of people.
  • How do you explain this sorry state of affairs ?
    This letter was sent in October 2016.
  • What steps have you taken to mend matters ?
  • How long more will it take to rectify these issues ?

Watch this space
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