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Structures and buildings suitable for the handicapped

Inclusivity : is an extension of accessibility.

If you want to see the entire document, including all illustrations (there are many), and also visit all the sites hyperlinked to this document, you must browse a copy of the CDROM (485 MB, zipped file):
  1. from drpartha.org.in OR
  2. from archive.org Use the torrent download, if you want to save time and bandwidth usage.
Download and unzip the above file. Read aboutme.txt from the unzipped bundle, for further instructions.
Note : This is a VERY LARGE file (approx 485 MB). If you are a Linux user, it may be wiser to use a download command like wget (or curl):
wget https://drpartha.org.in/publications/accessibility.zip.
To know more about these commands, see : wget vs curl

If you encounter any difficulties, contact
If you need a physical copy of the CDROM, send a request to the author. (You may have to pay for the packaging and postage) .

Show some social responsibility.

Algologic strongly believes that persons in good health and free of disabilities, have a moral responsibility to assist their less fortunate brethren. Algologic offers free technical guidance and assistance for those wishing to construct buildings and structures which are accessible for persons with motoring disabilities (mobility-impaired persons). Ask drpartha@gmail.com , if you have any queries.


Show some social responsibility

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  2. If you know of any good resources on the web, and wish them to be linked to this document, just let us know.
  3. If you know anyone, who is planning to build something, or make some renovations to an existing structure, give him a copy of this CDROM.
  4. Create a hyperlink to this web page from your own or your most frequented web pages.
  5. Tell the world about this web page, using email or your social media links.
  6. Please send us your experiences about accessibiity. Tell me what all you have done to ensure and improve accessibity in the places you visit.
    You can email us at:


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