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This site is maintained by a retired teacher. The contents given here are freely downloadable under a liberal license: CC-BY-SA license. The creation, maintenance and hosting of this site is however not free. You financial support can help me in this effort.

You can always invite me for a personal presentation or tutorials on related topics.

Your donations will help me do more and help more people learn.

How to donate ?

If you are in India, and have a bank account here, your account is most probably linked to your mobile phone. If you have not done so already, you can install the app. called BHIM-UPI on your mobile phone.

BHIM-UPI is a creation of the Govt. of India. It is very easy to use, and has no cost overheads (unlike bank transfers, ewallet, Paypal, etc.) Everything is official, transparent, recorded and traceable. Just install BHIM-UPI on your mobile phone and make a transfer to parthy@sbi (any amount is welcome). Send a mail to as soon as you make any donation.

If you prefer any other mode of payment, just let me know at

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