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If you want to ask me for help :
follow these

Do not treat me like a clerk at the enquiry counter of an Indian railway station, where people rush to you, ask a blunt, one-line question, and vanish without a single word of thanks. In case you don't know yet, this is what you should be doing when you want to ask me for help :
  1. Remember, I do NOT run a 24x7 helpline (aka call centre). NEVER call me on phone, for your routine enquiries and request for assistance. Use my email, and follow ALL the instructions given below.

  2. Learn to be patient. It takes time to prepare and give a good and complete answer. Although I try to anwer all my mails promptly, I can answer mails only when I have no other task of higher priority or urgency. Do not be in a hurry for an answer from me.

  3. Addressing a person whom you do'nt know, by using expressions like "Hi", "Hai", "Hey dude" etc. is a VERY DISRESPECTFUL habit which only the most uncivilised animals practice. Use these expressions only for your school pals.

  4. When you address someone you don't know, you must always introduce yourself first. You do'nt have to give your date of birth, gender or star sign, but giving some simple details will not hurt e.g. who are you ? where do you live ? how did you come to know me ? why are you interested in this topic ? what attempts did you make ? Where did you get stuck ?

    Giving these details will help you get a more complete and meaningful response from me.

  5. Avoid, one-liner queries like the ones you use at the Enquiries desk of a Railway station. When you address someone you don't know, you start with an opening greeting or a polite start up phrase. This is all the more important when you are asking for a favour or help.

  6. And of course, mind your language. Strictly avoid foul, provocative, or offensive language.

  7. Sometimes, I may ask for some more details, to help you better. Give those details promptly.

  8. There are words in English, like :: "please", "thank you", "sorry to interrupt you" , "excuse me" etc. Using these, does not cost any money.

  9. When reporting a problem with some software you use, it is always helpful to include a minimal working example (aka MWE). So, first learn how to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example (aka MCVE) thank you

  10. If you are asking for help on a public forum, or user group, do your homework first. First learn how to ask smart questions.

  11. If you are asking questions about discrete mathematics read this first

  12. After you get a reply, send a polite "thank you" note, and say how useful was the response. If you expect goodwill from others, you must learn to reciprocate and sustain the goodwill others offer you.
If you want help, and you expect people to help you, ask wisely and with some sense of decency and responsibility. You have to prove that you deserve being helped.

And, be grateful that there are people who are willing to help you.

Violation of any of the above rules, may get you blacklisted.

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