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Confessions of Dr. G. Laxminarayana, Past Chairman, IETE Hyderabad

(01/05/20 11:51 am)

Notice the shabby/poor linguistics

In the last term (2018-2020):
  1. Why were no EC meetings conducted?

  2. Why the UG and PG projects are almost zero?

  3. What happened to the revenue generation and promises up keeping?

  4. Why not even a single subcommittee worked?

  5. Where is the continuation of old schemes and projects?

  6. What is the financial status of institute?

  7. Who is responsible for all the above and now who is asking for the vote and seeking answers ?

  8. Who must guide and who is guiding the EC ?

  9. What is the convention of election process and who will be the members of election process ?

  10. Where is the transparency ?

  11. Why higher officials are not looking to these lapses ?

  12. Where is the professionalism in IETE and for elections ?

  13. How long will IETE sleep over the complaints made by its Members ?

  14. Who is responsible for this stinking mess ?

You can't wriggle away from your lapses like this

YOU should be asking yourself and answering these questions
Dr. G. Laxminarayana, Past Chairman IETE Hyderabad.

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