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Do NOT set a cheat to catch a thief


accura vbar You want to guard yourself against unwelcome intruders ? You look around for a CCTV based surveillance system, and you stumble upon this local vendor. Meet "Accura Network Marketing Pvt Ltd", Hyderabad.

You do not want to take chances with security, so you make adequate and pointed enquiries. The vendor, who knows his job (of selling), cleverly dodges all your questions and concerns. They cleverly avoid giving any specific technical details or their product specs sheets. You ask them over and over again, and even visit their Corporate office, to speak to the senior management, and return with the same kind of lies and tall stories they usually give. You remind them several times, and they ignore all your reminders. You feel that they are hiding some things from you. There may be many more nasty surprises waiting to be discovered, if you go ahead with them. Since you do not want to take chances with security, you do not fall for their sweet talk and misleading, unsubstantiated and undocumented claims. You decide to avoid them altogether. You did the right thing. You saved yourself from major headaches.

It is not enough to avoid such unscrupulous, unethical and uncivilsed vendors altogether, you should also alert and warn all others,
because you do not want people to Set a cheat to catch a thief


Visit the World of scandals and meet other swindlers and crooks.

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