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Have you been blacklisted by Dr. Partha?

You asked for it, you got it

Your email ID can get blacklisted (without further notice), for any of the following reasons, so take care :
  1. Your mail was impolite, rude, disrespectful, or provocative
  2. As a matter of habit, you do not answer or acknowledge mails sent to you. In particular, you have not answered mails sent earlier by me. This is a
    See : When-will-people-learn-some-decency ?
  3. You have sent obnoxious or offensive material e.g. political, religious, commercial or marketing propaganda, malware, virus infected material, gossip, rumour, chain letter, spam, phishing bait etc.
  4. You violated some basic rules of decency
  5. You insist on sending me Microsoft related material, in spite of repeated warnings.
  6. You are a head-hunter, manpower consultant/agency.
If you are blacklisted :
  1. All your emails to Dr. Partha will be automatically deleted/trashed
  2. You will not receive any emails from Dr. Partha
This is not a complete boycott. You can of course use any other mode of communication to contact Dr. Partha (but the responses may not be very prompt or satisfactory).

I am sorry, I have to do this, at times.

You have only yourself to blame, if I take this step.



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