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Every long journey begins with a small step.


I started my Linux journey,
by begging for a book on Linux

Humble beginnings

It all started by my begging for a book on Linux, some twenty years ago.
In India, those were the days (early 2000) when not many people knew about Linux.
Linux books were rare and the w-w-web was not yet as popular as they are today.
And then, I found an innovative way to get the book I desperately needed -- begging !


What do Indian teachers beg for ?

It worked, and I got the above book from Sudhakar Chandrasekaran (aka Thaths) . This was my first book on Linux.
I still cherish and use that book, 20 years after I got the gift (Thank you "Thaths").


Endless striving

The book led me to this conversation about the never-ending adventure (117M , mp4 file), which led me finally to this.

The discovery and learning still go on, everyday.

And, this is where I am now, and I have still a lot to go.

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