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Airtel lies

Shamelessairtel-logo tells lies, to cover up its lapses

Airtel, Airtel ?
.... Yes papa
Goofed up data ?
.... Yes papa
Telling lies ?
.... Yes papa
Need a spanking ?
.... Yes papa

Airtel, you owe me explanations and apologies for your lapses

Airtel, you have recorded MY residential address wrongly in MY account with you. In spite of several complaints, reminders and warnings, you have not been able to correct your mistake. This is a serious lapse on your part, and you are fully responsible for all the consequences. The concerned issue will not be closed until you answer the following questions. Answer each question separately and explicitly.

Airtel, can you give me credible and honest explanations on the following :
  1. On what basis did you record a weird and meaningless address as my "residential address" when you issued me a new SIM for #9441926724 ?
    You committed this serious lapse, in spite of the fact that all documentary evidence of my residential address and proof of identity, as well as the required fees, were given to you when I requested you for migration to Airtel.

  2. Instead of acting on my complaint, why did you delay taking corrective action, by asking me for documents which I had already submitted to you ?
    Delay tactics is another (although futile) way to hide the truth.

  3. Why did you stop answering my reminders, until I threatened to escalate the matter ?

  4. Why did you tell a lie claiming "As discussed over the call on 9441926724, I woud like to inform you that as per our records the address is registered as Prema Parthasarathy 78 Sancharpuri Colony Bowenpally P.O. Secunderabad 500011 INDIA." ?

  5. Why did you tell a lie about having called me up on phone ? What is the logic of calling me on phone when all my communications with you were by email (so as to maintain a record of all the correspondance) ? What were you trying to hide ?

  6. When I confronted you again with a screenshot showing the wrong entry and the time-stamp of the screenshot, why were you not able to explain the lapse (and your lies) ?

  7. Why have you not respected your own promised deadlines ? Why have you never apologised for this lapse ?

  8. Why do you insist on sending meaningless offers and marketing propaganda when the subject of discussion is on a very different and unrelated matter ?

  9. What remedial steps have you taken in this matter ?

  10. What assurance can you give, and on what basis, that such lapses will not occur again ?

Shame on you airtel-logo .

Remember, it costs YOU a lot of money and effort to win a new customer or retain existing customers. It costs nothing for an unhappy customer to undo all your efforts.

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