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Partha's earthworms

(Cleaning up this world)

The Professor who turned extremist
The CAN of worms

The Professor who turned extremist

Read why you should thank him and others like him

The Professor, at work, in his bio farm.
He derives immense pleasure out of his passion. He enjoys explaining his story to all those who care to listen, hoping that one day this world would see more sanity.

Bombay Edition, 4 Sept. 2005

Art of eco-friendly living

Their passion for Earth borders on madness. They are the new extremists of ecology. They are grinding their own garbage, living without electricity, and walking on cowdung.

Parthasarathy (left) has converted his backyard into a biofarm. He harvests rain water and uses fallen leaves and flowers as manure.

Parthasarathy, owner of a software consultancy enterprise in Secunderabad, has converted his backyard into a bio farm. That includes vermicomposting, organic manures, rain water harvesting, and mulching. In mulching, leaves and flowers that get dropped from trees are collected around the base of a plant. This helps conservation of surface water near the roots by arresting evaporation, and encourages propagation of earthworms. His love for animals has also seen him develop a water pit for stray dogs and cattle.

Learn more about worms and composting.

Contact Prof. Partha, for arranging a demonstration and lecture.

Want to know about Partha's earthworms ?

worm worm worm
Partha's can of worms

Composting is fun. But safety is more important than that.
Play safe, live safe.
His philosophy :
We have not inherited this world from our elders, we have borrowed it from our children.
Make sure that when you leave this earth, it is in a better shape than how it was when you came here.

Art of eco-friendly living

Learn how to make handicapped accessible habitats
And then, thank him for showing you the way
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