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This world belongs to ALL creations of GOD, not just us humans.
plantatree This site is inspired by Steve Irwin, famous Australian conservationist and environmentalist who taught us how to be a little less greedy, and live in peace and harmony with nature, and all anmials. Steve Irwin is also the creator of Australia zoo, near Brisbane, Australia. Australia Zoo won the Australian Tourism Awards for 2003-2004 in the category Major Tourist Attraction. Steve Irwin died in 2006, the same year Australia Zoo Retail won the Tourism Retailing Award from Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.


For a copy of my : Steve Irwin memorial lecture , send a request to drpartha@gmail.com

Who is Partha ?
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Partha's philosophy
Eco friendly living
Our beloved guests
Partha's can of worms
Imagine a world without trees.

GOD Gave you a big house. All we ask is a small place like this.

or, a small place like this.

or, a small place like this in your hearts,

green snakeor, a small place near your feet

Give us this day our daily milk

Deliver us from harm

Watch this video evidence

with your protection and care

so we can enjoy liberty and freedom

in a safe nest

with our mother

All we need is a small place in your heart

He shares his home with ......Some folks call them animals.

garden garden garden garden garden

Read this story about Partha's earthworms.


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Simplicity is divine.
E W Dijkstra (1930-2002)


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