A goldmine in your backyard

This page draws inspiration from Partha's philosophy

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You can create a goldmine yourself. That too, in your own backyard ! Or, you can try this on your window-sill.
Don't let go waste, what nature gives you for free. Create a compost pit, and harvest gold in a few months. Use the compost to grow trees and make a paradise on this earth. Leave something for your children, which they can enjoy all their lives.
  1. Dig a trench (approx, 3ft W x 3ft D x 10 ft L). The trench can be any size, as long as you have space for that in your backyard.
  2. Fill the trench with all organic wastes found in your house:: fallen leaves, fallen flowers, kitchen peels and wastes etc. Make sure there are no plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, or hard rubber products. Enter the pit, inspect and walk around often, to see that there are no such harsh (and non-decomposable) objects.
  3. Turn the contents of the pit, using a pitch fork or spade, once every few months.
  4. After a few months, usually a year or more, you can harvest black gold (organic compost) from your pit.
  5. You can use the gold in your garden, or gift it away to friends.
    Making your own compost in your own home, makes great sense. If you buy, stock or use commercially available manure, be aware that they can contain potentially harmful amounts of residual toxins including pesticides and antibitics.
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