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greens7 northwall hardly visible hummingbird Art of eco-friendly living.

Welcome to this eco-friendly house in Secunderabad, India

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This gold mine was created by Partha's silent soldiers, based on a concept developed by BIOFARM

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Play safe. take care ! Safety is important, even in organic farming.

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  1. A forest in my backyard -- forestAlmost one hundred grounded plants, which include : full-grown trees, dozens of bushes, creepers, small trees, and many medicinal plants. Almost a thousand potted plants, add greenery and freshness to the house. ALL the plants and trees have been hand-picked, planted and lovingly nurtured by Dr. Partha, for the past thirty years ! And, we have not stopped adding plants !

    The house is hardly visible from behind the trees and bushes . This is one reason why our city is called a tree city. Our trees help in shrinking our carbon footprint (and that of planet earth).

    The trees keep the house refreshingly cool even in the harshest of summers and serve as home for many birds and tree-animals. Some of them do give us fruits, which we let the birds eat and enjoy ! They also give a fresh and pleasant perfume to the entire area. The OXYGEN they generate is anyway odourless. It only helps in shrinking our carbon footprint (and that of planet earth). These trees relentlessly absorb/neutralise posionous and polluting green-house gases in the environment. This is a small contribution to the fight against global warming .

    Not only do these trees serve as home for many birds and tree-animals, a walk under the trees is a rejuvenating experience according to the principle of shinrin-yoku.

    Our guest book

  2. A bird-watcher's bonanza : Home to an amazing variety of birds and small animals (e.g. squirrels, snakes, mongooses). Also attracts butterflies, bugs, beatles, bees in large numbers.  
    1. Guests with wings
    2. Guests with fins
    3. Guests with claws
    4. Guests with fangs
    5. Our best guests have no wings, no fins, no claws, no fangs.

    garden garden garden garden garden
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  3. Shelters and nesting boxes are placed all over the garden, to give the birds a safe home.
  4. Protected honey-combs and birds' nests in many trees. We do get stung by honey bees often, but we do'nt mind.
    Snakes (even cobras and vipers) and mongooses are sighted frequently in the garden (YES! Really !). We NEVER hurt or chase these guests.
  5. Lily pond:
    Special pond for aquatic plants (lilies, umbrella- grass aka papyrus) and aquatic animals (fish, snails, frogs, water-snakes). Growing aquatic plants is a challenge. They are so different in requirements and in behaviour. Dr. Partha is still struggling to understand how to manage them. He is still working on a method to protect his fish from predatory birds -- egrets in particular. lily
  6. Water, food, and grains provided at all feeding points every day.
  7. Plinth area is less than 50 % of the plot area. Which means that there is more open area than built-up area.
  8. Handicapped-accessible house : ,
    handicap designed according to international standards of accessibility. Dr. Partha is a serious promoter of accessibility for the disabled. See special web site : http://drpartha.org.in/drpartha/handic.htm or, contact Dr. Partha for free technical assistance and guidance on accessibilty issues.
  9. Drops of water...make an ocean.
    100 % rainwater harvested and conserved. Almost zero rain water run off from the house. Rainwater is collected and carefully channelised into an underground well. This improves ground water levels, and provides water for the garden and for washing purposes.rainwater
  10. Drinking water tub for street animals : stray dogs, cattle.
  11. Bird bath, feeding pans, and drinking water facilities for birds and small animals, provided all around the house.
  12. All the residents of this house are lacto-vegetarians. No meat, fowl, eggs or fish are cooked or served here.
  13. Say NO to vaastu and fengshui. Breaks every known rule of "vaastu" madness. We prefer to use common sense, and eco-friendly principles rather than follow blindly, unfounded superstitions like "vaastu " and "feng shui".
  14. No chemicals please : The garden uses only organic manure (compost) and vermiculture manure (vermi compost). Vegetable organic manure produced in-house using vermiculture techniques. Knowhow is made available through BIOFARM Free demonstrations can be arranged by prior appointment.
    Read this story about Partha's earthworms.
  15. Extensive use of mulching and composting, to regenerate soil fertility. Learn more about composting, the natural way to improve soil fertility. No chemicals. No poisons.
  16. Use of energy-saving lamps (mostly LED lamps).
  17. Green dust bin concept :
    greendustbin Discourage use of plastics and bio non-degradable (bio-persistent) material. Refuse use of single-use plastics, plastic shopping bags and carry-bags.

    Household garbage is sorted at source itself. Bio-non- degradable (bio persistent) waste/garbage is systematically isolated and disposed off carefully.

    Waste paper is shredded and systematically sent for recycling. Bio degradable kitchen waste
    (e.g. vegetable peels) is collected in a green dust bin and is used for preparing vermi-compost.
    I learnt this approach when I was in Germany for my sabatical year.

    Many of our friends and guests have accepted and adopted this lovely, inexpensive concept.

  18.  If you cannot visit our home personally, take this guided tour through our pictures kept on Flikr.
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