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Partha's can of worms

If worms CAN do it, you CAN too ! You CAN save this planet. You CAN give a better world to your children. You CAN start today, wherever you live.
Who is Dr. Partha ?
This site is the result of Partha's philosophy

Earthworms, God's best gift to mankind

Create a gold mine in your backyard or, in your window sill

You need help ?
Learn more about earthworms
Art of eco-friendly living
Throw me into your compost pit

Safety is important


Partha's philosophy at work :

Partha's passion

Partha's passion for the humble earthworm, does not end with breeding them or using them in his garden. He believes in spreading awareness about this wonderful creature.
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E W Dijkstra (1930-2002)

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