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About worms and composting


Learn and practice composting techniques. Learn about vermicompost.
Save this earth. It is still not too late !

Art of eco-friendly living

Partha's can of worms

Contact Prof. Partha, for arranging a demonstration and lecture.

Composting is fun. But safety is more important than that.
Play safe, live safe.

An amazing creation of nature !

  • Did you know that earthworms have 5 hearts!
  • Did you know that a worm can eat 1/2 its body weight each day! (imagine a 70 kg person eating up 35 kg of food everyday)
  • Did you know that worms can live up to 10 years ! (unless eaten up / killed by predators)
  • Did you know that each egg of an earthworm could yield about 6 children !
  1. How to gather earthworms ?

  2. How do they reproduce ? (...and lots of useful information.)

  3. Emily compost pages

  4. Cityworm - red wiggler worms in every kitchen, composting art, and more!

  5. Wormwoman - Mary Appelhof's site for worm composting resources.

  6. Composting in schools

  7. Composting in a school setting

  8. Video : Composting at home

  9. Visit this eco-friendly home

  10. A very good collection of Information resources for small scale composting, or backyard composting

  11. Small scale composting

  12. Create a gold mine in your backyard !

  13. You too can raise earthworms at home.

  14. Composting methods from India

  15. Vermicompost according to Wikipedia

  16. BIOFARM -- our own way of spreading the word about organic farming.

  17. Feed them well, and enjoy their benefits. Give them what they enjoy most.

  18. Composting or vermi-composting ?

  19. Play safe. take care ! Safety is important, even in organic farming.
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