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What is web-gardening ?

Web-gardening is a metaphor for activities related to creation and maintenance of web sites. Almost every action we do in traditional gardening has an equivalent in web gardening. Thus, we may list the following similarities:

Traditional gardeningWeb-gardening
Lanscaping design
Conceptualisation of website, contents, structure.
Sowing seeds, planting saplings
Creation of web pages and links
Pruning, trimming
Removal of obsolete content and links.
Creation of new links or modify existing links
Weeding out
Removal of incorrect content, removal of incorrect links, remove flaws.
Add content, modify visual appeal, create new pages, add bells and whistles
Add fertilisers and pesticidesAdd, modify, scripts and active content.
MiscAudit, Visitor tracking

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Last updated : 2016-05-12
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