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Value-Added-Translation services

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Do you need competent and experienced assistance for all your documentation needs ?
Do you need help in proof-reading and technical editing ?
Need a critical review of your publications / documentation ?
Looking for a qualified specialist to do value-added translation (V-A-T) of your technical documents from French to English ?
Need help in organising presentations for your clients ?

Read on, to know more about Algologic's specialised documentation and value-added translation services .....

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The name:Algologic , and the Algologic logo, are trademarks of
Algologic Research & Solutions, Secunderabad, India.
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Documentation and translation services from Algologic:
  • Value Added Translation (French to English) of technical documents.
  • Complete drafting services, even from imperfect and conceptual sources.
  • Typesetting assistance for your documents
  • Critical review of translated documents.
  • Editing, proof reading, consistency checks.
  • Preparation of training and course material. Our training materials get excellent feedback. Read this review which appeared in a famous newspaper from Pakistan !
  • Review of existing training courses.
  • Training your clients to use your products effectively. Click here to know more on our training packages and services.
  • Translated presentations on your behalf, to get your message through, to your prospects and clients.
  • Design and development of web-pages.
  • Critical review of existing web-pages.
  • Any other user-defined tasks related to above. Just ask us !

In effect, Algologic provides a highly qualified, one-stop resource for all your specialised documentation, presentation and translation needs. Just ask us !

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What is a "document" ?

Algologic's perception of a document is more than just a bunch of printed/ typed papers.

For us, a "document" could mean: User Manuals, terminology, presentations, books, papers, technical reports, fliers, announcements, engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, flow-charts etc.
It could also mean non-traditional media like: on-line help, interactive menus, on-screen error messages, user interfaces, web- pages etc.

Algologic can assist you in a wide variety of ways. Click here to know more. OR

Just call up the experts: Algologic.

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What is "value-added-translation" (V-A-T) ?

Value-added-translation (V-A-T) for short is a concept promoted by Algologic Research & Solutions. It simply means, translating a document not just in the linguistic sense, but also introducing improvements in the target document. The improvements could be in style, organisation, and even contents.

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Why is V-A-T so important ?

A document is meant to communicate ideas. It is usually written by an author in the language which the author knows best. The author may or may not express himself well in his own native language. Also, when conceptualising a document, all ideas may not always be very clear. A brute-force translation will only make things incomprehensible and defeat the very purpose of translation.

This requires the translator to visualise what the author had in mind when he/ she wrote the document. The translator must also take into account the cultural peculiarities and practices of the target audience.

It is important to take into account the target context: is it for a conference ? is it for a Users manual ? is it a press-brief ?

All the above reasons call for more than just a literal translation of your documents. Algologic terms this approach as "value-added" translation, or V-A-T for short.

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V-A-T from Algologic

Our French connections

V-A-T is a very specialised form of translation, and requires the highest level of expertise, both linguistic and extra-linguistic (i.e. domain specific). V-A-T must be done only by a professional who has mastered both the source and the target languages, and is equally familiar with the subject of the document. This is the major departure from routine translations where a commonsense knowledge of the subject is generally sufficient. Thus, a person who is a specialist in microbiology would hardly be the right person to translate documents on astronomy. Algologic has a very focused and clean approach to V- A-T :

Domains of specialisation :
The specific domains in which Algologic can do V-A-T for you are:
computer technology, information technology, software, automation, hardware, control engineering, electronics, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, mathematical modelling and simulation.
Language-pair :
Our French connections

French (source language) to English (target language).
We are native speakers of English, and possess excellent linguistic and extra-linguistic expertise in French because of having lived, and worked in France. It is very rare to get such a strong combination of linguistic skills and extra-linguistic skills.

We can also undertake V-A-T for general purpose, layman, documents.

Please also visit the homepage of Algologic Research and Solutions to know more about our specialisation and strengths. Special arrangements can be made for documents containing specialist level material. Please consult us in advance.

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Our strengths:
  • Professional and specialised service.
  • Total confidentiality assured.
  • Reasonable charges because of our low overheads.
  • Prompt response times.
  • 24 hour access /consultation by phone, FAX and by Internet possible.
  • We are very flexible. Any mutually-acceptable working arrangement can be made: job-to-job service, retainer service, telephonic assistance, on-site assistance, cumulative billing, etcetera. Just ask us !
  • Experienced in the usage of a wide range of FOSS tools:
    • Open office /Libre Office
    • Documentation management tools: LaTeX, Unix/Linux filters, version control systems 
  •  LaTeX related services
    Algologic has extensive experience in LaTeX. This could be valuable for all those who need to produce mathematically rich, and serious technical documents (e.g. Ph D theses, Conference proceedings, text books).
    In addition to various services concerning the use of LaTeX, Algologic can help you learn LaTeX and use it. Take a look at this huge collection of specimen documents made with LaTeX.
  • Promoted by an internationally-reputed engineer:
    • Enginering Doctorate (Docteur Ingenieur) from Grenoble, France.
    • Formally qualified in French.
    • Experienced translator.
    • Trained at the "Centre audio-visuel de langues modernes" (CAVILAM), Vichy, France and at the "Central Institute for English and Foreign Languages", Hyderabad, India.
    • Recognised by French laboratories and companies.
    • Worked with several international agencies: United Nations (Macau), C.N.R.S (France), L.A.G. (France), I.N.R.I.A (France), RSI (France), TOTAL (Indonesia), IFRA (Germany)
    • Life Member, Alliance Francaise de Hyderabad, India.
  • Extensive Publishing/Editorial experience:
    • Author of several publications in international journals. Also authored several popular scientific articles. (Samples can be sent on request)
    • Associate Editor, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Pub.: Pergamon/Elsevier, U.K. This journal is associated with the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).
    • Referee/Editor for various technical journals, international conferences.
    • Designer, maintainer, or reviewer of World-wide-web-pages for:
      * IEEE India Council (Indian unit of the world's largest technical association)
      * IEEE Hyderabad Section (Hyderabad unit of IEEE)
      * Shellclub (a technical association of Internet users, now defunct)
      * Several institutions
    • Contributor to the Linux Documentation Project.
  • Extensive French connections

To know more about Algologic, please visit the homepage of Algologic.

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Our jobs span many countries: India, France, Brazil, U.K, China (Macau), Indonesia, Thailand, Germany .....
  • Several research papers for the Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble, Grenoble, France.
    LAG is a leading, international research institution in the area of automation and control.
  • Several software documents for RSI, Montbonnot, France.
    RSI is a specialist enterprise in the field of process automation and simulation.
  • Translation support, technical terminology and overall proof reading of the book on "Petri Nets and Grafcet", by Rene DAVID and Hassane ALLA. Pub.: Prentice Hall, U.K. This is a highly specialised book on an important tool for control engineers.
  • Proof reading and technical terminology of 135 papers submitted to the international conference "Management and Control of Production and Logistics", Campinas, Brazil.
    Authors of these papers came from different countries spread over all the five continents, and had extremely varied cultural and technical backgrounds.
  • Documents for Grenoble Handisport, France
  • Technical documents for United Nations , at the International Institute for Software Technology, Macau.
  • Turnkey documentation, support and training at TOTAL INDONESIE, Balikpapan, Indonesia.
  • Many more....

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Awards and recognitions

Our jobs have won recognition from several international sources:
  • Our contribution to the Linux Documentation project has received appreciation from several users worldwide. In fact, this document is distributed along with many standard and reputed Linux distributions. A further proof of the quality and usefulness of this document is that it has been translated into: Japanese, French, Dutch.
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., USA (also known as IEEE) is the world's largest body of engineering professionals, and also a standards developer for many computer related technologies. IEEE has chosen us for an international award for developing excellent web sites for IEEE.
  • Almost all our international clients have given us testimonials to certify the excellent quality of our work. Read this review which appeared in a famous newspaper from Pakistan !

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Tariff, Budgetary estimates, Costs
We do NOT give budgetary estimates over the phone. Please send us an e-mail or a formal letter, giving ALL the following details, for a prompt, realistic and complete response.

Our rates are extremely competitive because of our low overheads. We can work out payment terms and tariffs to suit your requirements: job-to-job basis, retainer, consultation, telephonic assistance, on-site work etc.

To obtain a budgetary estimate and proposal : Please send us an e-mail or a formal enquiry letter (no phone calls please) giving a description of your specific requirements. Please include the following details :
  • Nature of work
  • Source language / Target language
  • Subject area / Domain
  • Deadlines
  • Format/ medium for the source material
  • Desired format/ medium for the target material
  • Expected volume of work, or duration of contract (if retainer arrangement to be made)
  • Expected frequency of such jobs
  • Complete street-address and web URL of your organisation and your own position/designation in this organisation
You will not be under any obligation due to this enquiry. We will not pester you with "follow-up" calls. You can place your firm order after you are convinced.

Please Note : We do NOT give budgetary estimates over the phone. Please send us an e-mail or a formal letter, giving ALL the above details, for a prompt, realistic and complete response.

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