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Software development for mission-critical systems needs extra-ordinary efforts to ensure that there is no mismatch between expectations and performance. Independent verification and validation (I V & V) is a very important approach to ensure this requirement. Algologic provides a wide range of services related to I V & V.

Do you develop software for serious, mission-critical applications ? Do you want an independent agency to ensure that you are building your software the right way ? Do you want to confirm if you are building the right software ? Do you want to assess, to what extent you are complying with standards ?

Algologic proposes a holistic and integrated approach, to software conformance i.e. verification, validation, standards compliance. The approach would rely heavily on sound mathematical principles which also take into account human attitudes and cultural background of the developers and end-users.

The literature on V & V strongly recommends that V & V should be always done by an agency which is managerially and financially independent of the software design and development team. Algologic is committed to maintaining this autonomy and can therefore be an ideal organisation to whom you can trust your V & V activities. Algologic is also committed to maintaining the strictest confidentiality about the products and information entrusted to it. You can therefore be assured of obtaining the best opinion from a competent team.

Papers on I V & V

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Take a look at this Algologic collection of papers on IV&V.

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