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FOSS based internship project work or research work
for students of Computer Science, at,
Algologic Research & Solutions, Secunderabad.

Microsoft loyalists beware !
There's no room for Microsoft in Dr. Partha's world.
As a gesture of goodwill, and as a matter of social responsibility, a very limited number of students will be permitted to work under the guidance of Dr. Partha at Algologic Research & Solutions, for their internship project work or research work (B. Tech, B.E., M.C.A. , M. Tech., Ph D -- Computer Science)
  1. No fee or compensation is charged by Dr. Partha or Algologic.
  2. Prof. Partha takes this matter very seriously, and expects the students, as well as their parent institution, to show the same level of commitment and concern.
First, take a look at Dr. Partha's CV, and research profile. Be convinced that you are approaching the right person. You can also go through his entire website You must also make sure that your parent institution has seen this current web page, before you follow this sequence of steps ::
  1. Approach Dr. Partha by email (no phone calls please) and discuss your intention to do a project under his guidance. You will have to specify the broad area you want to work on. You will also have to give convincing proof that you have the necessary "essential skills" mentioned below.
  2. You will have to sign and accept a Code of Conduct. Please wait for further instructions from Dr. Partha, after you submit the "code of conduct"
  3. The parent institution will have to give certain assurances, formally. This step may be waived by Dr. Partha in certain specific cases.
  4. You will prepare a project proposal /research proposal using the template given here.
  5. The project/research proposal should be endorsed by your parent institution, and sent to Dr. Partha.
  6. The project/research can start, only after we receive:
    • your project proposal (endorsed by your institution),
    • your signed "code of conduct", and
    • the letter of commitment and assurance from the institution (in the proforma provided).

Essential skills needed : Make sure that you are confident and proficient in the subject area you want to work on. This is not the place or the time to learn the subject ab-initio. Do your homework before you approach Algologic for an internship project.
Algologic does not encourage use of proprietary or black box products. Students will be expected to be provably proficient in the use of open source products, like Linux, and LaTeX. All publications, reports and theses should be created using LaTeX (no word-processors). All the tools, and the development platform for the project work and the thesis/report will be based on Linux only. Just familiarity with these is not enough. The student should be provably proficient in these.

Essential resources : The student will not have to pay Algologic any fee, for guiding the project. However, the student should :
  1. be sure that he/she has the necessary skills (including the "essential skills" listed above).
  2. be prepared to buy some books and journals which the guide may recommend
  3. prove that he/she has easy access to the Internet, at home, or in the college (Internet cafes are not acceptable)
We take this matter very seriously. We expect the student and the parent institution also to be equally serious about this.

Don't know LaTeX ?
Start now. You have help:
  1. Try, Dr. Partha's LaTeX starter
  2. Download and use Dr. Partha's free ebooks on LaTeX

Don't know Linux ?
You have a serious problem here. This is not the time to learn Linux ab-initio. Just give up the idea of working with Dr.Partha.
Get all the necessary instructions, in one place:
You can download a package containing useful material for organising your project work. (1.06 MB). This package contains:
aboutme.txt << This file

assure.pdf /
assure.tex    << Assurance from your institution

code.pdf /
code.tex  << Code of conduct to be signed by you

declaration1.pdf /
declaration1.tex << Declaration to be given by you, at the end of the project.

focus0.pdf /
focus0.tex     << Suggested focus areas/topics for internship project.

internship.odp << How to do an internship

internship.pdf << How to do an internship

ms-modelprop.pdf << A model for a project proposal.

prefered.pdf << Preferred LaTeX style

prefered.tex << Preferred  LaTeX style

propos1.pdf << Project proposal template(rendered version,
pdf file)

propos1.tex << Project proposal template (source version,
LaTeX file)

If you are sure that you can accept the above approach,
and follow it scrupulously,
get in touch
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