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The web .....
"a universal, linked information system, in which generality and portability are more important than fancy graphics and complex extra facilities"
.... Tim Berners Lee, CERN, 1989

The OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY defines a gimmick as a trick or device, esp. to attract attention, publicity or trade. Some web designers have made gimmicks their only means of survival.

Designing a web site is not just an act of adding some cleverly drafted text, smeared with splashy colours and meaningless tinsel. The web can surely do without such gimmicks infested pages.

The NO GIMMICKS WEB PAGE campaign aims to clean up the web by promoting web pages which are serious about providing NO NONSENSE web pages, which are free of irritating distractions and misleading information.

Remember, you can still create web pages which are aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, without using any frivolous gimmicks.

Be fair and honest with your web visitors. Avoid using gimmicks on the web. Join the NO GIMMICKS WEB PAGE campaign, today.

You have a
if your web page:

Be nice to your visitors

The NO GIMMICKS WEB PAGE is also a place where some fundamental principles of decency in web design are followed:


you can proudly display the NO GIMMICKS logo shown below, by adding the following HTML code on your web page:
<A HREF="http://drpartha.org.in/algologic/gimmicks.htm">
<IMG SRC="./gimmicks.png" alt="no-gimmicks">
You will get something like this, wherever you add the above code:


After you add the above code to your web page, remember to send an email to Algologic, giving the complete URL of the page where you have added the above code. There is no "policing" for the usage of this logo. So, be honest to yourself.

Some NO GIMMICKS web pages

  1. All web-pages of Algologic and Dr. Partha
  2. What is GNU/Linux ?

Send us your suggestions

If you have come across any other gimmick and you wish to add that to the above list, let us know. Send in your comments and suggestions. Together, let us make the web a paradise. Contact us.


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