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C redibility through C ompetence and C ommitment
Good algo rithms, woven in well-designed logic ,
form the essence of all successful, automation-related projects.
Algologic derives its inspiration from these two important elements of computer science,
to offer you the best solutions to your computerisation and automation problems.
A strong research orientation, supported by a long exposure to the industry,
gives us the confidence to stand up to your expectations.

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Innovative solutions and services from Algologic

Cutting-edge technologies

The engineering of mission-critical, high-stakes systems is a serious matter. Designing and developing such systems requires a profound understanding of complex, mathematical and theoretical principles and methods.

Innovation and R & D is a continuous process in Algologic. This has resulted in the development of many novel tools and techniques. All these tools have been subjected to extensive peer review and evaluation. Click here to know more about our in-house tools and techniques.

We have special experience in designing and developing applications under Unix / Linux. Click here for more details on our Unix/Linux strengths.



Software support services

Whether you are a vendor of software products and services, or you are an end-user, you can benefit from the large range of support services offered by Algologic. Our R & D efforts result in the development of various innovative solutions.

Pre-production support: Think of us as an additional hand. Only an outsider can give your project very valuable inputs and early-warnings. You save a lot of time and effort, if your weak points are identified and corrected early in the life cycle.
Algologic can undertake:

Post-production support: Do not divert your manpower to activities which can be done by others. Your precious resources are conserved so that your production schedules are not affected. Algologic will take care of all the rest, as you are busy with your main objectives.
Algologic can undertake:

Continuing support: An experienced and dependable backup is available to take care of all your contingencies.
Just ask Algologic, for:

We will send you a specific proposal, as soon as you let us know your requirements.

Documentation & Translation Services

Documentation requires intellectual maturity, good technical know-how, and linguistic skills. Documentation can be the major contributor for your success. Ask Algologic to assist you in this very crucial task. Click here to know more.

If you are:

you must use the expertise and experience of Algologic. Get all your translations and documentation from a true specialist.

Click here for our documentation and translation service.



Training Services from Algologic

Get all your prospects, clients and employees trained adequately and effectively. You can choose from a range of ready-made courses, or ask for tailor-made courses.



Our Strengths

  1. Promoted by a highly-qualified and experienced Engineer
  2. Background of over fifteen years in the software engineering industry, with exposure to: steel, railways, petrochemicals, bio- technology, power, environment, defence. Close collaboration with reputed research institutions.
  3. Profound knowledge of automation and control engineering, and formal software engineering.
  4. Perfect combination of industry experience and academic research
  5. We are perfectly bilingual: English/French. We also have a wide network of contacts in France, Germany, and in India.
    We can thus be a major asset for English-speaking companies seeking opportunities in France (and French-speaking countries), as well as for French speaking companies seeking opportunities in English-speaking countries.
  6. Low overheads, so our charges are very attractive.
  7. Wide range of support services
  8. Complete confidentiality and dependability assured.
  9. We own and operate a well-furnished and independent office which offers:
        * the right ambience for high-quality work
        * facility for software development and testing
        * vast collection of books and literature
        * facility for lectures, discussions, and seminars for small groups
        * phone, and Internet connectivity
        * workshop for minor fabrications and repairs
        * un interruptible power supply
        * 24-hour access 7 days-a- week.
  10. Fully committed to usage of FOSS/Linux and non-propreitary tools.

Internationally reputed promoter
Modern tools & techniques



Operational policies of Algologic

The following guidelines are given here, purely for indicating the framework under which Algologic usually operates. It is strictly not a contractually binding commitment, nor does it confer any legal rights to you.

Read our Warning and Disclaimers first.

  1. Algologic does not sign any non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with its clients.
  2. Algologic does not support, promote, or encourage use of proprietary software. Algologic is committed to the use of free and open source software (FOSS)
  3. Algologic encourages the involvement and participation of persons with disabilities. Algologic considers that these persons are the bravest persons in the world, and salutes them.
  4. Algologic suggests the "IEEE Code of Ethics" as guidelines to follow in matters of professional ethics.
  5. Algologic respects international and open standards wherever applicable.
  6. Algologic will not suport any illegal or unethical activity, or activities which involve promotion of superstitious beliefs.
  7. Algologic will not support any activity which may cause damage to the environment.
  8. Algologic will maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in financial matters and matters involving accounting, taxation etc.
If you have any questions regarding the above, please send a mail to Algolgic



Algologic has been promoted by ....

Dr. S. Parthasarathy



Algologic Strategic Partners

Need more information ? Want to talk to someone about your requirements ? There is surely someone close to you, who can talk to you (in your own language). Just ask us.

Click here for details on creating a Strategic partnership with Algologic.


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