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Dr. Partha's LaTeX starter

But, what exactly is LaTeX ?
Visit Prof. Partha's website, where you can learn many things yourself.
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It is easy to master LaTeX.

Teach yourself LaTeX
  1. Teach yourself LaTeX. Start here
  2. The LaTeX home page is a great place to get authentic information on LaTeX.
  3. 12 great resources for getting started with LaTeX
  4. Take a look at this amazing list of LaTeX resources
  5. And one more list of TeX/LaTeX resources
  6. Read some Books about TeX and Friends
  7. Free, on-line introduction to LaTeX
  8. Best way to learn LaTeX
  9. Conquer LaTeX. Jump start your LaTeX learning experience. Use these templates, and surprise yourself (and those around you).
  10. Hack, and learn LaTeX Several sample documents, each of which, highlights some aspects of LaTeX.
  11. Partha's LaTeX bag of tricks
  12. Test your LaTeX. Start here
Or, ask Dr. Partha.
You need help ?
  1. Teach yourself LaTeX using these model articles
  2. Free ebooks : Download these free ebooks, to make it easier for you to use LaTeX effectively.
  3. Ask him for seminars/tutorials on LaTeX, at your institution/organisation. (Microsoft loyalists, please abstain)
  4. Get LaTeX typesetting assistance from Dr. Partha

tux And then .... send a "thank you" note to Dr. Partha no-wind

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